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Family run business

TDK Detailing Ltd is a local & family run vehicle detailing business situated in Moulton Park, Northamptonshire.

We specialise in professional quality eco-friendly valeting and detailing services; including but not limited to machine polishing and Nano ceramic coating services. Taking care of your car using the best detailing techniques to ensure a truly unique experience.

All products used by us are hand picked after vigorous research and testing to ensure your car is cared for. 

Here at TDK Detailing, we know how essential your car is to you and how amazing driving a showroom ready car makes you feel, it makes us feel great too!

We are certified with the world leading detailing brands to provide professional, reliable and fully insured services, not to mention tailored and unbeatable customer care to maintain our 100%  satisfaction rate.

Our Values


Integrity & Objectivity


Honesty & Respect


Customer focus

Our Story

Our story


We started off as ‘Eco Mobile Steam Cleaning’, officially incorporated with Companies House in 2016 with the help of our two wonderful daughters. 

Emphasis on a more ecological car valeting, reducing the need of chemicals and production of wastewater. Working on Client-convenient locations (drives, car parks, garages) and behind our garden.

Our story


The English weather didn’t really work in our favour and we got our FIRST studio based in Semilong, Northampton.

We started offering detailing services and soon re-branded to TDK Detailing LTD. Many late nights were spent here. So many gorgeous cars have been worked… from Lamborghinis and McLarens to Audi, Mercedes, Fords and Kias. Old and new! 

We attended lots of training and seminars to expand our knowledge and learn from the best, met so many incredible people and invested heavily in experimenting with different tools, products, brands and techniques. We also started our practical training courses that everyone loves so much!

We soon outgrew this studio and moved to our current studio in Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton!

Our story


Just before the first Covid-19 lockdown, we signed a new lease for the gorgeous studio we have now. Words could not describe the incredible feeling when we got the keys to this huge property (in comparison).

Little did we know the difficulties 2020 would bring… thanks to the support of our customers, family and friends – we’re still here and working on your wonderful pride and joys.

After lots of research and experimenting, we have gone back to our eco-friendly roots and are now proud to be one of the leading eco-friendly detailing centres in the UK!

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Our consultation services are free of charge with no obligation. The time allows us to discuss your requirements in detail and provide you with a tailored solution that fits within your budget.