Detailing & Nano Ceramic Coating and Vehicle Insurance Claims

The great news is that majority of vehicle insurance companies will cover the costs of detailing and re-application of Nano Ceramic Coating once your vehicle is repaired!

We all love to drive a car that looks and feels gorgeous! Impressing your friends and neighbours with it, heck, even yourself every time you look at how beautiful and shiny it looks. It makes us feel good about ourselves and the world – it’s human psychology.

So investing in getting your car detailed sounds great, but then you start to think about the pros, cons and everything that could go wrong; one the of biggest worries daunting us is that you can be the safest driver on the road, however, that doesn’t necessarily protect you from other drivers and accidents. This is a concern that comes up quite often and is completely valid, so we decided to do some digging and write about it.

The great news is that majority of vehicle insurance companies will cover the costs of detailing and re-application of Nano Ceramic Coating once your vehicle is repaired! If the vehicle is written off, they will pay out an amount that they deem is reasonable – so don’t forget to add this to your claim. Detailing and more specifically Nano Ceramic Coating is quite a significant investment in your vehicle, therefore re-application of Nano Ceramic Coating to the new or repaired parts can be covered.

There is another angle to this, all insurances pay out for your vehicle based on the vehicle condition and market value. Nano Ceramic Coating is used to improve and maintain your cars condition = higher value retained. It make your car look fresh and new for longer, so even if your insurance will not pay out for Nano Ceramic Coating itself, a good and well maintained coating will no doubt help to keep that value up.

Disclaimer: it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, we say a majority of vehicle insurances will cover this – that is under full comprehensive insurance, so it might be a good idea to give your insurance a quick call or drop an email to check if it will be covered and what you need to have should you ever have to make a claim. Usually, all you should need is proof of professional application and the expense, i.e. an invoice. You may have to let them know that you’ve had your car Machine Polished and Nano Ceramic Coated, which should not affect your premium (from speaking to our current customers and those who have had to claim) but at least then your insurances knows about it and have to include as part of claim (a little like tinted windows). There is also the question of how long the Nano Ceramic Coating has been on your car, as with everything else, every year it will start to depreciate in value – just like a car bought at 0 miles does with every mile; so you may not get the full amount back or paid for, but a reasonable amount.

We have had multiple customers come back after an accident a new/repaired bumper, panel or car doors, requiring patch Paint Correction and Nano Ceramic Coating application. All paid for by the insurance, sometimes with a few upgrades paid for by the customer.
So if you’re not sure about your options with insurance or have any other questions, concerns, thoughts – give us or your local detailers a call and we will be happy to help!

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