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TDK Detailing started as a car Steam Cleaning company (Eco Mobile Steam Cleaning) just over 5 years ago with an emphasis on providing eco-friendly services.

Eco-friendly car detailing

If you follow us on social media, you will know that we love experimenting and trying out new tools and products to make sure our customers get the best outcome and experience. This is something we’ve been working on for years!

TDK Detailing started as a car Steam Cleaning company (Eco Mobile Steam Cleaning) just over 5 years ago with an emphasis on providing eco-friendly services. Over the years we have perfected our methods and for the last 5 months especially, we have been HEAVILY investing our time and money into removing harsh chemicals from our detailing services – yes, you heard it right, REMOVING CHEMICALS!

Our objective: to provide premium quality services sustainably, keeping the environment as well as our customer cars safer.
Here are some of the ways we are actively working towards being a more eco-friendly and sustainable car detailing centre:

1. Microfibers, our best friends – made accordingly with the Japanese invention, threads thinner than 10 nano microns (around 100 times thinner than human hair!).

The Swedes added two more threads of polystyrene and polyurethane; one of which absorbs dirt and grease while the other absorbs seven times more water than it weighs. Intertwined together and woven into our special microfibers, they make an extraordinary combination – helping us clean the majority of dirt and surfaces without any chemicals!

Furthermore, microfibre is positively charged which allows it to attract and capture dust, making the cleaning process quicker and faster.
We’re not done yet, to make them even more phenomenal, the majority of the microfibers we use are manufactured with Silver technologies, making them naturally ABTIBACTERIAL – helping us eliminate and inhibit further growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses, microbes etc in your car… up to 99%! (Stay vigilant though, there are some fakes out there in the market; while we are happy to direct you straight to our supplier)
This, paired with Steam Cleaning is a mind-blowing combination, ensuring all surfaces are disinfected and deodorised while keeping your cars surfaces free of harsh chemicals.

2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – everywhere we can, we have identified eco-friendly products that are just as effective; interior detailing (deep-cleaning) is done purely with eco-friendly products and clean, filtered water! For the cars exterior the foams and shampoos that we use are pH neutral and the water is always filtered. We use the same approach when washing our hands, clothes and working space.
This enables us to protect the environment from harsh chemicals and your car from the high rate of wear and tear due to chemical damage over the years

3. Steam Cleaning – following a premium quality detailing (aka. deep-clean), we take it a step further by destroying the remaining bacteria, fungi, viruses AND any odour residues with a professional Optima Steamer.
Not only does this use way less water, producing hardly any wastewater, but research shows that this sterilises and cleans a car’s interior 99.9%.
Using this method for engine bay cleaning we are able to remove the hardest stuck debris (including oils) with very little wastewater and minimal to no use of chemicals!

4. Water Based Machine Polishing Compounds – machine polishing is performed only using water-based polishing compounds, safely eliminating scratches and swirls on the paintwork of your car instead of hiding them (silicon based) until a couple of washes later.

5. Nano Ceramic Coating – strengthening the paintwork’s uppermost surface while providing a car with super hydrophobic effects, Nano Ceramic Coating protects your car by reducing the rate of scratches and effects of environmental damage (UV, Acid Rain, Oxidisation etc.).

TDK Detailing Using Eco-Friendly Nano Ceramic Coating - Reach Compliant

These incredible benefits also reduce the need for car washing up to 80% compared with non-Nano Coated surfaces; you will get a lot of help from the rain.
You will also be able to wash your car with pH neutral shampoo with no struggle. Here’s the best part – your wheels will only need a good microfiber! No acidic chemicals and no harsh brushes. The impact is super environmentally friendly and we love it.

We use Nasiol range of Nano Ceramic Coatings, after consciously testing out many coatings – we have found theirs gave the best results to our customers while protecting our team and the environment. Doesn’t get better than that!

And we’re just getting started – this is a movement we are keen to influence across the industry.
We can see a wonderful eco-friendly future for detailing, let’s protect the environment together with TDK Detailing!
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