Three reasons we love the Optima Steamer™

Every detailer has their favourite tools.  I grant you that if you got us all in a room we could discuss our products and machinery all day.  And you know what, it’s a diverse market.  There are so many great products on the market.  But, as far as steam cleaners go, we have to admit to having a bit of a love affair with the Optima Steamer™.

And it’s not just us that swear by them.  The paramedics in Hawaii are using them all the time on their ambulances

This is one of the ways they are fighting the pandemic.

So, what makes them so special?

Why is it that the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services put so much faith in Optima?

Here are three good reasons why we love the Optima Steamer™.

Cares for the environment

The automotive industry, as a whole, can press a heavy footprint on the environment.  And, while there is a lot of research going into hydrogen and electric vehicles, there is still clearly some work to be done.  And sustainability is not the sole concern for one sector of the industry.  It is all of our concern.

The Optima Steamer™ is a powerful weapon in our arsenal for that particular fight.

This nifty piece of kit uses less than a gallon of water to generate the powerful jet of steam.  This means, as it cleans, it emits very little wastewater run-off.  This makes it ecologically friendly, and cost-efficient, helping both the environment and the detailers.

Optima Steamer™ kills 99% of bacteria and viruses

It stands to reason that the predominant reason paramedics would stand by this cleaning equipment would have something to do with health-and-safety.  This is a time when everyone is conscious about keeping healthy and safe.  And, let’s be honest, it might just continue to be like that for some time.

So surely, right now, being able to fight bacteria and viruses is a major boost to the peace-of-mind we can offer those anxious customers.

The Optima Steamer™ blasts a 135 degrees hot steam, killing 99% of all known bacteria and viruses whilst being safe to use on any surface.  So that means it can be used inside as well as outside the car.

Reduces the need for chemicals

Chemicals are not only bad for the environment, but they can be costly.  Neither is an attractive prospect for a sustainable business that wants to offer a transparent detailing service to its customer-base.  So, it stands to reason, where possible, to cut out the chemicals.

The Optima Steamer™ doesn’t require industrial cleaning soaps or expensive supplies, and that means your car is protected from exposure to abrasive materials.  Even your upholstery and leather are protected.

This means your customer can enjoy a more cost-sensitive service without having to neglect the quality of the job.

Wrapping up

We can sing about the Optima Steamer™ until the cows come home; waxing lyrical about sustainability and its virus-killing superpower.  And that’s great, but it still needs to leave a palpable shine on the vehicle.  Drivers can’t see the littered corpses of a million dead viruses, nor can they see the world suddenly saved by the contribution it makes to the ecosystem.

They see the comfortable, clean and shiny vehicle they wanted taking care of.  And the Optima Steamer™ delivers on that front too.  It leaves a beautifully clean interior that any detailer would be proud to put their name against.

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