Why on Earth would you steam clean your car?

Because you deserve the best quality detailing for your money in a manner that protects the environment and your health. It is a simple idea, and a simple method, and that’s what makes it elegant.

Perhaps the only thing that is better than a brand-new car, is one that has been freshly detailed.  Especially one that has been detailed by a professional.  They just seem to get in places that our chunky hands just can’t bend into.

So, you imagine that they have a fleet of miniscule robots that bend and flex like springs.  At the very least they must have some kind of cutting-edge technology invented by a team of scientific engineers using only the most obscure machinery.

If this is what you imagined, then I wonder how you felt when you were told that that stunning result was achieved by steam.

Yes, you read that right – steam.

With all the technology in the world, how come your detailing team still prefer to use such basic tools?  Why on Earth would you steam clean your car?

A nice easy process

One of the most distinct advantages is that it is a nice and easy process.  The steam clean is straightforward and doesn’t require lots of bulky equipment.  That might seem like it is just easy for the detailer and has no benefit to the car owner.

Perhaps you’re expecting detailers to sit back drinking tea instead of lugging cumbersome equipment around.

However, not having to invest in heavy equipment keeps the costs down.  That means, not only are you getting a gleaming clean, but you’re getting it for a fraction of the price.

Steam cleaning keeps the surfaces fresh

There are no abrasive materials or harsh brushes used in a steam clean.  And that’s a good thing.

The chemicals and brushes used in the normal cleaning process cause unnecessary damage to your paintwork and other surfaces, eventually dulling the appearance of your car inside and out.

So, with steam cleaning, the surfaces of your car remain untouched.  This means any chance of scratches occurring are significantly reduced.

And your car is left looking like it has just left the forecourt.

Steam is kinder to the environment

The most important advantage to having your car steam cleaned is that it is kinder to the environment.  Yes, harsh and abrasive chemicals destroy the dirt and grime.  However, they’re also damaging to the environment.

Waste chemicals “can move through air, soil, and water. They can also be on plants or animals, and can get into the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.”

Steam cleaning doesn’t create harsh chemical waste and it offers your car a brilliant opportunity to lessen its damaging footprint.

And less water is wasted on a steam clean than with other methods.

It is better for your health

If you’re working in an enclosed area, like the interior of a car, then having chemicals in the air can cause respiratory problems.  Then, of course, when the detailing is done, and we pass the car back, there is the chance that those lingering harsh chemicals could affect your own breathing.

Not only is a steam clean better for your car, but you aren’t breathing in any corrosive solvents as you enjoy your luxuriously clean interior.

It gets all those nooks and crannies

Have you ever deep cleaned your own interior?

Of course, everyone likes a nice clean car.  It’s just such a hassle trying to get into every tight little corner.  And, perhaps you’re double jointed, but most people just can’t fold their hands in half to reach every elusive part of the car.

I wonder how much it would cost to hire Antman for a couple of hours.

Yet, steam, by its very nature, doesn’t need to fold or bend itself in half.  The high-strength heated vapour will quickly spread to every small crevice and crook, resulting in a brighter shine, and a disinfected car.

Wrapping up

Why on Earth do we steam clean your car?

Because you deserve the best quality detailing for your money in a manner that protects the environment and your health.  It is a simple idea, and a simple method, and that’s what makes it elegant.

It doesn’t require heavy investment.  Just basic science.

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