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During chemical cleaning; every single inch of the interior (upholstery, plastics etc.) are cleaned with special equipment and products that effectively remove dirt, odours and even the smallest particles such as bacteria. The products used for washing penetrate into the soft parts of the car and thaw the surface dirt. Special pumps blow the cleaning products into the hardest to reach areas and extract moisture from the surface along with all dirt. This way, the surfaces are disinfected and renewed, allowing the car to regain its impeccable appearance. If the car seats are leather, after the specialised deep cleaning we will carry out treatment to softens, protects, and gives the leather a beautiful, non-greasy, finish.

When should you seek to deep clean your car?

Chemical interior deep clean should be carried out at least a couple of times a year (especially for those with children and/or pets); professional interior cleaning helps to maintain the attractiveness and longevity of your car, all while killing all bacteria and odours, thus preserving the aesthetic value of your cars' interior. During/after autumn and winter, car interior floors are often wet from rain and snow - if you notice this, care should be taken to prevent accumulated moisture causing corrosion and mould, which is detrimental to ones health. 

Allergies? Worried about chemical cleaning? We also offer Steam Cleaning!


  • Rubbish Removed

  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstery, carpet, mats and boot

  • Dashboards and compartments cleaned

  • Upholstery deep cleaned using steam and high quality Nano-technology car shampoo

  • Fabric seats deep cleaned using high quality Nano-technology car shampoo

  • Leather seats Steam Cleaned (renewal treatment applied for a beautiful, non-greasy, protected finish)

  • Mats and carpets shampooed

  • Plastic and leather renewal treatment

  • Glass and Mirrors cleaned internally and externally

  • Interior 60% dried (free plastic seat cover provided upon pick up where required)

  • Convertible roof deep cleaning and pet hair removal at extra cost

Ask us about interior Nano Ceramic Coating protection! 


Duration: 1 full day (depending on the size and condition it may take longer)

Price: £150-230*

Any questions? Contact us for more information.

*Pricing factors: 

Condition of the car- new / used

Salon type - textile / leather / alcantara  

Dirt - Very dirty / Relatively clean

Size - Small / Medium / Large  

Car Value - High / Low

Complexity of interior forms

Material Quality

Special customer requests, terms...  

*The final price is provided during an on-site car inspection (book a complimentary consultation online here).


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Weekend: Closed/Appointment only


In addition to invaluable experience through working on your beautiful cars - our technicians are professionally trained and certified in machine polishing and Nano ceramic coating to ensure the best quality everytime. 


- Interior Detailing

- Paint Correction 

- Nano Ceramic Coating 

- New Car Protection 

- Headlight Restoration

- Paintless Dent Removal

- Practical Training


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