NEW CAR DETAIL - Protect Your Investment

The ultimate car paint protection and finish for your new joy and pride from day one! 

The opportunity to achieve and protect the perfect showroom shine and perfect condition paintwork is very often missed. This is because everyone would expect a new car to be delivered and presented with flawless paintwork. 


Unfortunately, reality is quite different and we have seen it all with brand new cars and those under 1,000 miles. With many customers (and even car centres) contacting us after the delivery has been made to help. More often than not, every new car will require micro-polishing at the minimum in preparation for Nano ceramic coating. 

... Why is this?

This can be due to many reasons, from storage and delivery conditions to unskilled/poorly carried out pre-delivery checks and preparations introducing a range of issues from fine scratches to dealership introduced holograms or even bird droppings and industrial fallout. 

You may be offered 'in-house' paint protection packages that you are likely to overpay for and receive a poor quality finish (we've seen it many times before) due to the 'conveyor belt' way of working to save time and costs when preparing your new pride and joy.


We take detailing as a fine art that we are passionate about and like to ensure that every customer is over the moon about the services received. 


The New Car Detail package takes around 2-3 working days to complete including Nano ceramic coating curing time (where the vehicle is stored at our studio - fully insured with 24/7 security), upgrades may require extra time. 

Services carried out:

  1. Two-stage car washing using foam and pH neutral shampoo to ensure your surface is not touched by harsh chemicals. 

  2. Hand dried inside the studio using a blow dry and high quality microfiber cloths to ensure minimum exposure to any possible contaminants such as dust, insects, and other pollutants. 

  3. All exterior and interior windows cleaned with smear free finish.

  4. Micro to One-stage Machine Polishing to remove any uppermost layer swirls or scratches if required. 

  5. Choice of Nano Ceramic Coating:​

    • Silver Nano Ceramic Coating - Nasiol ZR53 (up to 3 year durability) - from £520*, OR

    • Gold Nano Ceramic Coating - Nasiol NL272 (up to 5 year durability) - from £650*

  6. Windscreen coated with Nasiol Glasshield to create a hydrophobic effect and improve visibility when driving in the rain. Additionally, during the cold months, it eases the removal of ice from the windows in the mornings by not allowing it to bind to the surface. 

Optional extras (please let us know when requesting a quote):​

  • Interior windscreen Nano coating to reduce fogging. 

  • All windows coated with Nasiol Glasshield - £40

  • Wheels removed, cleaned out, polished and Nano Ceramic coated (including the calipers to reduce rate of rusting) - R15s for £150, R20s for £180, or £70 for only the faces of the alloys to be coated (without removing wheels).

  • Interior deep cleaning and Nano coating protection for textile, leather, and/or plastics. 

  • Anything we missed? Please ask and we will be happy to discuss what we can offer you. 

*Pricing factors:

Vehicle condition - new / used

Size - small / large

Lacquer surface defects - not present / minimal / high

Lacquer hardness - soft / hard

Metal dust deposits - low / high

The value of the car - high / low

The exterior of the car - clean / dirty

The complexity of the body shape 

Special customer requests, terms...

Please note, all quotations are NOT final prices - it is very often that a new car will have more swirl marks and even hollograms or scratches than expected. Do not worry, we are here to help you and will make sure to go through your car with you once it is at our studio, provide you with any inspection findings and make appropriate recommendations.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Weekend: Closed/Appointment only


In addition to invaluable experience through working on your beautiful cars - our technicians are professionally trained and certified in machine polishing and Nano ceramic coating to ensure the best quality everytime. 


- Interior Detailing

- Paint Correction 

- Nano Ceramic Coating 

- New Car Protection 

- Headlight Restoration

- Paintless Dent Removal

- Practical Training


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