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Love and Protect the Original - Nano Ceramic Coating Benefits

💙 Love and Protect the Original! 💙

Nano Ceramic Coating is more durable than wax or other sealants as it creates a semi-permanent bond with your cars uppermost layer to create an additional, protection, layer. Especially when paired with proper maintenance methods and products, you can enjoy the incredible benefits for years!

So, what are the main benefits? Reduced rate of swirl marks and other imperfection appearance thanks to its 9H protection against scratches (check out this video for a real life case study!). Keeping your cars surface glossy and beautiful for longer Protection against paint discolouration thanks to its UV resistant properties Protection against oxidisation and chemical damage to the cars paintwork – whether it is natural (acidic rain, road/seaside living salts) or artificial, especially important if you use car washes that use harsh chemicals to provide a quick service (a video on this coming soon) Protection against dirt, bug residue, bird dropping damage and other industrial pollutants provided by the incredible super hydrophobic qualities

✅ Protection against graffiti due to the super-hydrophobic properties


Application of Nano Ceramic Coating is a careful and crafty process that can take only a couple of hours itself, it is the preparation and curing time that can take days! What's involved? Here's a summary:

1. Start by carefully and thoroughly washing the exterior of the car, every nook and cranny.

2. Claying using carefully selected clay pads and best methods.

3. Decontamination and de-greasing process to ensure the surface is as clear of any pollution, even dust, as possible.

4. Machine Polishing - this can be anywhere from micro/one-stage for a new car to two-stage, four-stage and even more for older or very scratched up cars! Sometimes this involved stone chip and deep scratch filling to ensure the surface it is at its absolute best before Nano Ceramic Coating is applied.

5. Nano Ceramic Coating is applied to the car body, headlights, taillights, even the exhaust pipes! It can also be applied to Windscreen/windows/glass and wheels (including calipers) for protection all around. Just make sure you use the right products for the right parts.

6. The car is allowed to cure overnight (at the very least of 12 hours) in controlled conditions (humidity, temperature, dust-free). Then it is advised not to wash the cars surface (especially with anything abrasive, chemicals etc.) for at least 10 days.

This process can take anywhere between 3-5 days depending on the size and shape of the car. There are many method adjustments we have learned from experience as well as industry leading brands and detailers over the years to ensure we provide the best possible service and leave with you with a 'WOW' as your car looks better than new!

So, knowing all that, would we recommend applying this yourself without any training or practice? Unlike wax which can be very temporary and cheaper to apply/remove, probably not. It bonds with your cars surface so well (semi-permanent bond), that it can only be removed by harsh abrasives and polishing. Here's an example of one of the self-applied 9H Nano Ceramic Coatings we've previously corrected for a customer:

1 - Before picture:

2 - Careful wet sanding in progress to remove the Nano Ceramic Coating, paint thickness constantly measured to ensure it is not damaged:

3 - Wet Sanding complete on the left hand side, ready for Machine Polishing. Machine Polishing complete on the right hand side:

4 - All done! New Nano Ceramic Coating applied, the car is looking stunning and is ready to go back on the road:

In addition to the wonderful effects highlighted at the start of this post, it also helps to retain vehicle value by ensuring that the cars surface is protected and looks great for longer! It is no secret that we buy with our eyes and if the vehicle looks old and dull, this will reduce the perceived value and how we feel about the car. With it looking stunning and shiny for longer, we think you are sure to enjoy the new look and feel for longer! It's almost like conditioning and polishing your best leather shoes :)

🔦Nano Ceramic Coating for your Restored Headlights also provides you with better visibility for longer by reducing the rate at which they haze up.

We hope that this post has been helpful, if you have any questions about Nano Ceramic Coating or car care in general, or suggestions of what you would like to us to write about - drop us an email at service@tdkdetailing.co.uk! We'd be happy to hear from you!

Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying this lovely weather from home!

- TDK Detailing Team 💎


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In addition to invaluable experience through working on your beautiful cars - our technicians are professionally trained and certified in machine polishing and Nano ceramic coating to ensure the best quality everytime. 


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