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Practical Training:

Our training programs are available for detailers at any stage in their journey; whether you’re a detailing enthusiast, beginner or professional detailer wanting to add to or enhance your current knowledge and skill-set to progress to the next level. We’re here to help you develop at a pace you feel comfortable with!

All training courses are tailored completely to your skill-set, level of knowledge and desired outcomes!

Training programs from TDK Detailing are built using our growing number of years experience along with continuous investments into experimenting & trialling different products and tools to ensure we are providing the best possible service.

During our training process we will discuss your goal with you to allow us to provide as much advice as possible, looking to set up your own detailing business? Let us help!

Training courses:

  • Paint Correction/Machine Polishing – £350
  • Nano Ceramic Coating Application – £250
  • Eco-Friendly Interior Detailing – £350
  • Experienced Detailer moving to eco-friendly detailing – £250

Book a Consultation​

Our consultation services are free of charge with no obligation, the time allows us to discuss your requirements in detail allowing us to provide you with a tailored solution.