Small scratches on the body of your vehicle, discoloured lights, or lost luminaries are all just trivialities that damage the look of your car. Paint Correction using various Machine Polishing techniques is available at TDK Detailing, this is the process of removing and masking the uppermost surface defects such as swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches. Machine Polishing enhances the cars surface colour and shine; preparing it for protective coating to maintain this condition and provide the ultimate showroom shine at all times!


All the services are carried out by fully trained and certified RUPES BigFoot technicians using a large variety of RUPES polishing machines and carefully hand picked products for perfect detailing results. 

Services can be tailored to the customers' needs as required. Please visit our studio or Contact Us with any questions. 


Bronze Machine Polishing

One-stage polishing revives color, removes all swirl marks, light scratches and is recommended for cars which require paint correction. 

Headlight Restoration

Machine polishing of both headlights. Improve your visibility and pass your MOT!

Silver Machine Polishing

Two-stage polishing revives color, removes medium scratches, and is recommended for most car owners.

Patch Polishing

Small graze? Scratches? We can help! Book a Consultation for your quotation. 

Gold Machine Polishing

Four-stage polishing is used to scrub parts, remove dust remaining in paint, remove lacquer leaks, unify lacquer structure, remove medium and deep scratches.

Imperfection Correction

​Stone Chip and Deep Scratch Correction. Paint provided by the customer. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us and we will be happy to help! We also offer Paintless Dent Removal and other services that are not yet on the website. 

Pricing factors: 

Vehicle condition - new / used

Size - small / large

Colour - light / dark

Lacquer surface defects - present / not present

Lacquer hardness - soft / hard

Metal dust deposits are low / high

The value of the car is high / low

The exterior of the car is clean / dirty

The complexity of the body shape

Special customer requests, terms

*The final price is provided during an on-site car inspection, surcharge for pet hairs applies (book a complimentary consultation online here).

Machine Polishing - Process

First, the car is thoroughly washed and well dried using hands free methods. All stubborn dirt is cleaned using special cleaning equipment and professional tools.


When the car is completely clean and dry, we carry out the machine polishing work which varies in complexity with every package choice. Our technicians use the best technologies in the world and large combination of tools, equipment, and products that have been hand picked over time for the perfect results tailored to your car's body. This work takes time, requires patience and experience, not to mention immaculate attention to detail. One car can take longer, while others not as long - this depends on the package choice as well as the pricing factors mentioned above.


All work is done using only high-quality grinding paste, which not only gives the car shine and enriches colours, but also eliminates small scratches and swill marks. Larger or deeper scratches usually remain, but they are no longer so obvious. Where required, we fill them with paint and lacquer as per customers request.


After polishing the body, we recommend putting on protective coating to keep your car looking gorgeous for longer! 

As machine polishing is a very careful manual job, so the bigger the car - the longer it takes. The price of the machine polishing depends on the size, condition and colour of the car.

Any questions? Contact us for more information.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Weekend: Closed/Appointment only


In addition to invaluable experience through working on your beautiful cars - our technicians are professionally trained and certified in machine polishing and Nano ceramic coating to ensure the best quality everytime. 


- Interior Detailing

- Paint Correction 

- Nano Ceramic Coating 

- New Car Protection 

- Headlight Restoration

- Paintless Dent Removal

- Practical Training


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