From water and dirt are deposited on the floor of the car, to pathogens such as bacteria, allergens, awful odours and more! These are just some of the nasty things deep in your car that you cannot usually see with a naked eye, they come from anywhere - pets, children, food, or simply, the outside. Not only do they harm the human body, they also kick off and speed up the corrosion processes of your car.

Fear not, as caring for the cleanliness of your car's interior has never been easier! We pride ourselves in thorough, premium quality, detailing services. Using advanced products and equipment as well as invaluable experience picked up over the years, we will leave your car looking and feeling completely refreshed. Perfect to get rid of any nasty or just lingering smells and kill and remove bacteria and dirt. 

Please note: We also have chemical-free interior detailing available to help get rid of bacteria and allergens using high pressurised hot steam - guaranteed to make you feel you at ease and comfortable driving your car that feels like new again! 

Services can be tailored to the customers' needs as required, Contact Us for quotes and questions. 


Exterior Valet

The ultimate exterior valet for your car, including claying to remove contaminants from your cars surface that washing alone cannot. 

Single Upholstery 

Customised interior and exterior detailing services. Perfect for spills, removal of pet hairs, or other needs. 

Interior Detailing

The ultimate interior deep clean, including renewal treatments for plastics and leather - leaving your car feeling and looking brand new. 

Engine Bay Steam Cleaning

Engine Bay looking old? Oil everywhere? Steam Cleaning is a brilliant  way to clean it all!

Interior Detailing With Steam

Perfect for anyone with allergies. The car is fully sanitised and deodorised using hot pressurised steam.

Can't find what you're looking for? No worries! Contact us and we will be happy to help. 


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Weekend: Closed/Appointment only


In addition to invaluable experience through working on your beautiful cars - our technicians are professionally trained and certified in machine polishing and Nano ceramic coating to ensure the best quality everytime. 


- Interior Detailing

- Paint Correction 

- Nano Ceramic Coating 

- New Car Protection 

- Headlight Restoration

- Paintless Dent Removal

- Practical Training


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