Premium Quality Detailing

Our services are provided using extensive and continued research to ensure we provide you only with the highest quality outcome for your vehicle!

TDK Detailing Ltd cater to each individuals specific requirements, we do not offer generic services, we take the time to ensure you understand how the most impressive results can be achieved on your vehicle from appearance to protection. 

Over the last 6 years we have heavily invested in research, training and technologies to ensure we are leaders in the market, our reviews and testimonials speak volumes when it comes to the finished service, our active research into new solutions will forever continue to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rating.


Our services

Paint Correction /
Machine Polishing

Machine polishing techniques allow us to rejuvenate your car to a spectacular standard. Removal of the uppermost surface defects such as swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Using the most advanced paint protection technologies to provide the ultimate protection for your vehicle.
Nano ceramic coating simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of your cars paint and interior surfaces.

Ecological Interior Detailing & Steam Cleaning

Fear not, as caring for the cleanliness of your car's interior has never been easier! Our eco-friendly solutions provide the most efficient and highest quality outcome. Better for you, your car and the environment!

Practical Training

Looking to build upon your skills with our extensive training courses or starting as a beginner, we have all the tools and knowledge to help you progress.
Training is available for detailers at any stage in their journey.

Personalised for you

New Car Protection

The second you set your eyes on your new car it becomes your pride and joy, check out our Nano ceramic coating today and keep your car protected.

Rejuvenate your car

Even without an accident general wear and tear can affect the look of your car, why not give it a new lease of life with our machine polishing services.

Dealerships and Traders

Our interior and exterior valeting services have rapidly become popular to dealerships and people in the trading industry, browse our services today.

Book a Consultation​

Our consultation services are free of charge with no obligation, the time allows us to discuss your requirements in detail allowing us to provide you with a tailored solution.