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Nasiol Nano Ceramic Coating

Protect your car whilst enhancing the appearance of your paintwork and interior, Nano ceramic coating is proven to be the most advanced paint protection system and represents the pinnacle of car care technology.

Nano ceramic coating is not a sealant or a wax, but a coating which uses Nano technology to form a new layer that is adhesive to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. When cured, this unique and highly advanced formula will transform itself into a rigid glass shield.

Over the years we have trialled and tested numerous products, whilst continuing our research we, and our customers, are extremely impressed with Nasiol brand Nano ceramic coatings. If you wish for different brand coating applied – let us know and we will be happy to look into this for you! Our team are experienced in many other brands and are happy to provide advice…

We recommend booking yourself in for a face to face consultation to find out more about our services and receive recommendations along with a free quotation suitable to your cars condition and your requirements.

Benefits and Pricing

from £200

A sacrificial layer of protection over your cars lacquer provides:

  • Tested and certified for 10H Hardness.
  • Coating Thickness-800-1100nm
  • Extreme durability with protection up to 3-5 years and up to 7 years with maintenance.
  • Full protection with a single layer of coating.
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Self Cleaning Effect
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Minimise Effects of Ageing – Wear & Tear
  • Safer Vision with coated windscreen / windows

Available for paintwork, plastic, textile rooftop, carbon fibre parts and accessories, headlights,  windscreen/windows, interior (all types of material), wheels (faces only or wheel’s-off including callipers and wheel drums). 

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