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New Car Protection

Are you looking to or have you already bought a brand new vehicle? Thinking of how you cherish that New Car look and feel for as long as possible?

First of all, congratulations on your new investment, how exciting! Now, let’s make it look a thousand times better than it came from the manufacturer…. and protect to keep it that way!

Our goal is to ensure your vehicle will look the way it did the second it left our studio for YEARS! Our work is second to none with our customers claiming we do a far better job than the dealer centres you get your car from! Their words.

After lots of experimenting and testing different Nano ceramic coatings we have found the one we believe is the best out there right now! We use high quality, world-leading equipment and products every day – paired with years of experience working on our wonderful customer vehicles, we’re sure to make you feel euphoric the next time you see your car, motorbike, van, motorhome, jet-ski, you name it…!

Now your brand new car is precious to you and leaving it with someone else seems scary, don’t worry! We’re fully insured to drive, store and work on your car – not to mention 24/7 CCTV and guard monitoring, including Verisure Smart Alarm system!

Work stages:

  1. Vehicle inspection with you at drop-off
  2. Machine Polishing
  3. Nano Ceramic Coating for the Interior (seats (alcantara, leather, textile…), floor/boot mats, plastics, accessories etc.) 
  4. Nano Ceramic Coating for the Exterior (car body, windows/windscreen, wheels, callipers, accessories etc.)
  5. Vehicle inspection with you at pick-up
Duration: 2-5 days depending on vehicle size and services chosen.
If you’d like to find out more about each step, please scroll down or book a consultation and we’ll be happy to walk you through and answer any questions.

Machine Polishing

But my car is brand new?? While you’d expect your car to come squeaky clean and shiny from the factory, unfortunately the process of manufacturing, inspections and delivery leave your car looking duller and most of the time scratched on the uppermost level. 

It won’t require massive machine polishing efforts but a micro-polish, which we highly recommend, goes a long way to making your vehicle look genuinely perfect before locking it in and protecting it with Nano ceramic coating.

The best part? Micro polishing does not cause the paintwork layer to reduce! We use such gentle, water-based, polishing compounds, a selection of specialised orbital polishing machines and our heaps of experience that your paintwork layer is merely touched. This is not something all detailers can offer or guarantee and we highly recommend asking about when choosing your detailer.

Nasiol Ceramic Coating

Ahhh the best part… locking all that perfection in for years to come!


from £600

The price depends on the size, make and model of your vehicle – this is due to there different materials and accessories they would have. Ideally it is great for us to see your car and discuss the services in person so we can show you and talk you through the work process to ensure you know exactly what is involved in getting your vehicle looking absolutely out of this world! 

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