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Paint Correction / Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing enhances the the appearance of your cars surface colour to give it the ultimate shine, it is perfect for preparation to apply a protective coating to maintain the condition of your vehicle.

Small scratches on the body of your vehicle, discoloured lights, or lost luminaries are all just trivialities that destroy the look of your car.

Paint Correction using various Machine Polishing techniques is available at TDK Detailing, this is the process of removing and masking the uppermost surface defects such as swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches.

During the paint correction process our team will perform a number of techniques using a variety of RUPES polishing machines along with carefully selected products to ensure the perfect results.

All services at TDK Detailing are carried out by fully trained and certified RUPES Bigfoot technicians.

Services will be tailored to the customers requirements upon inspection of the vehicle.

Darius, from TDK Detailing, machine polishing a car


from £400

There are numerous factors we must take into consideration when providing a quotation:

  • Vehicle Condition – New/Used
  • Size – Small/Large
  • Colour – Light/Dark
  • Lacquer Surface Defects  – Present/Not Present
  • Lacquer Hardness – Soft/Hard
  • Metal Dust Deposits – High/Low
  • Value of Vehicle – High/Low
  • Exterior of Car – Clean/Dirty
  • Complexity of Body Shape
  • Special Customer Requests

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